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Bimedia offers you a touchscreen point-of-sale management system  which is complete, reliable and efficient. Developed and designed for and with booksellers to meet the specific needs of your business, it complies with the new regulations applicable as of 1 January 2018.

100% adapted to the bookshop business, our solution comprises:
  • a latest-generation touchscreen cash register, adaptable to all point-of-sale configurations,
  • peripheral devices,
  • NF525-certified software enabling payment collection, paperless product sales, and management of your shop,
  • A second screen which highlights the latest offers and new products in your bookshop,
  •  7 days a week.

Certification NF525, obligations 2018

Bimedia’s payment-collection solution is NF 525-certified, in accordance with the NF Certification Regulations for "Payment Collection Management Software" and standard ISO/IEC 25051 of the 22/09/2017, obtained under certificate number 17/0099.


Created specifically for tobacconists, newsagents and bookshops, our cash-register software is a global solution composed of several modules adapted to your business.

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Peripheral devices

Scan'up Evolution

Receipt printer

Datalogic scanner

Ingenico EPT

Cashbase cash till

Baby cash till

Standard cash till

Flip-top cash till

HP laptop computer

Riello UPS

Brother multifunction laser printer

Brother laser printer

S-Cash 1 Monetik coin changer

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