Our commitments

An ethical and transparent social and environmental commitment

Bimedia’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is based on principles of behaviour and action

Managing our environmental impact

They may be small everyday gestures, but when we all follow them they can help reduce our environmental impact.

A sustainable building

Bimedia’s head office is located in La Roche-sur-Yon, in a building made entirely from wood which our employees affectionately refer to as “The Chalet”. This building was constructed at the initiative of Bimedia’s founders, using wood from sustainably managed forests. Fitted with heat pumps, this low-energy building reflects the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.


Yvan Bourgnon’s Bimedia challenge:

In the summer of 2017, for a total of 2 months and 8 days, the sailor Yvan Bourgnon undertook an extraordinary adventure supported by Bimedia. The mission was to travel solo in a in a sport catamaran, without a cabin or any assistance, across the 7500km between Alaska and Greenland, via the Northwest Passage. This is an ice zone, impossible to navigate just a few years ago, which global warming has now made passible during a few days in the month of August. In addition to being an incredible sporting and personal adventure, the Bimedia Challenge is an exercise in awareness-raising about environmental issues and ocean protection.


Work-related travel:

Trips by car, train or plane, as well as our hotel visits, help to increase our carbon footprint. We favour, as much as possible, the use of videoconferencing and messaging services. For more sustainable mobility, we encourage employees to travel between home and work by car-pooling or by train. For this purpose, for staff travelling to work by train we provide a vehicle for trips between La Roche-sur-Yon train station and Bimedia’s premises, situated about 15 kilometres from the centre.

Waste management:

Due to the nature of our business as a cash register supplier, we inevitably generate waste. We have therefore installed recycling points in our premises and have adopted methods for recycling and disposing of electrical equipment, boxes and paper in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to these efforts we are able to comply with the Energy Transition Law on the sorting of waste at source, applicable since 1 January 2017 to sites with more than 50 employees. Management of this waste is entrusted to organisations which hold the appropriate certifications and authorisations.

We also provide our employees with reusable plastic cups in order to reduce waste related to water fountains and coffee machines. We encourage printing only where essential, preferably in double-sided format to reduce paper use.

Encouraging fulfilment at work

One of the keys to Bimedia’s success is having employees who are committed and happy to go to work each day.

Diversity and integration are essential factors in our working environment and our corporate culture. We are firmly committed to equal opportunities for all. Men, women, people with disabilities or from an immigrant background: our richness depends on the diversity of our employees’ professional and personal experience.

We encourage talent development, promotion and internal mobility by communicating all job opportunities internally by way of priority, before advertising them externally. Our employees regularly take part in training courses to enhance their skills, as well as learning about such issues as psycho-social risks.

We work to improve wellbeing among employees by providing them with a large, welcoming break room equipped with a fitted kitchen, picnic tables for eating under the trees in summer, and regularly organising staff meals and activities to encourage interaction and team spirit.